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Pivarootsi Windmill in West Estonia

Description of the resort complex

The Dutch-style windmill formerly owned by the local manor is situated in Western Estonia near Virtsu, by the sea in the village of Pivarootsi. The windmill was built in 1869 and renovated in 2004. Around the Dutch-style windmill is built a resort village; holiday-, family-, sauna- and 3 garden houses, a tennis court, minigolf courses, a tepee for grilling. We provide the opportunity to play tennis and minigolf, ride a bicycle, to take the guide to visit natural reserves of the Puhtulaid islet across the sea and Matsalu natural reserve nearby, go fishing with a fisher's boat, to swim, to engage in bird watching. The resort windmill is rented out as a whole not dependent whether you plan to come alone or with a group (of up to 24 people). Other visitors and tourists can't book for the same time. The accommodation is very private (no reception), calm and comforting. The host family lives nearby. Today the first floor of the windmill holds a dining room with an open kitchen and a little sauna complex consisting of a dressing room, a laundry room and a steam room. The second floor holds a fireplace hall and a private bedroom (a suite) with it's own bathroom. The big round room on the third floor is commonly used as a conference place. The fourth floor hosts the museum of Soviet era Estonian applied arts. The gallery of the fifth floor's roof opens up to wonderful scenery of land and sea.                    .

The resort windmill consists of:

  • windmill
  • family house
  • holiday house
  • sauna house
  • 3 garden house
  • bonfire hut (open above to protect from flying sparks)
  • 12 minigolf lanes (7 golf clubs and balls available)
  • tennis court (sand-clay) (4 rackets and balls available)
  • 2 recreation areas and tables in the garden
  • 6 mountain bikes (Scott)
  • bonfire site with wood

The windmill (5 floors)

  • The first floor
    - a fully equipped kitchen (a diswasher, gas and electric stove, an oven with rotating air, a big cooling fridge (with an ice machine), coffee maker, kettle, toaster, mixer 
    - dining table + chairs for up to 24 persons
    - mini bar, satellite TV, stereo
    - air conditioner (heating and cooling)
    - little sauna (with a washing and dressing room)
    - toilet (a washing machine in the technoroom)
    - phone
  • The second floor
    - 1 double bed and 1 single bed+1 cradle
    - dining table and chairs for 6 persons
    - fireplace, 2 arm chairs, a serving table
    - SAT-TV, DVD player
    - radio, CD player
    - wine fridge
    - bathroom (shower, bath, toilet)
    - balcony and outer stairs with a view to the sea
    - balcony furniture for 4
  • Third/fourth/fifth floor: conference rooms, applied art museum, attic gallery

6 wooden house:

  • First and second garden house: 2 double beds, 1 bunk, little table, ware, kettle, radio, chemical wc
  • Third garden house: 2 double beds, 1 bunk, little table, chairs, ware, kettle, fridge, radio, chemical wc
  • The sauna house: wood heated sauna, 2 showers, 2 sinks, water closet. 1 double bed, 2 single beds, 1 bunk bed, table, chairs, ware, kettle, fridge, radi
  • The family house: living room (2 sleeping places) and 2 bedrooms (1+2 sleeping places), table, chairs, ware, fridge, microwave, kettle, satellite TV
  • The holiday house: big living room table and chairs (2 sleeping places), 2 bedrooms (1+2 sleeping places), attic (2 sleeping places) and open kitchen (electric stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, tableware). Electric radiators and air conditioner, radio, satellite TV, showers, water closet.

For the winter:

Every hause is equipped with a radiator. The windmill is hot-air heated on the first floor, the second floor is heated with the fireplace or with the hot-air heater.

  • Private and secure
  • Exclusive and valuable milieu
  • Breakfast by order (6 EUR/person)
  • Catering on reservation (9 EUR/person)
  • Active vacation (bicycles, tennis, minigolf, beach wolleyball, pool, children´s playhouse, trampoline, fireplace and grill) free of charge

Price list

Accom-  modation Number of places
Booking and reservation

Arrival sincse 21.00 Starting at 2 nights

Garden houses (3 pieces)


2 places 40 EUR 30 EUR

Two double beds and the fifth place on bunk bed, chem. WC  Furnishings: ware, table, chairs, kettle, fridge, radio. Washing facilities separate shower rooms.

3 places      with child 50 EUR 40 EUR
4-5 places
with children
60 EUR 50 EUR
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Sauna house
(30 m²)

Sauna using      20 EUR evening

2 places

50 EUR

40 EUR

One double bed, two single beds and the fifth place on bunk bed. Furnishings: ware, table, chairs, kettle, fridge, radio, TV. Sauna rooms, shower and WC.



3 places      wiht child

60 EUR

50 EUR
4-5 places
with children
70 EUR

60 EUR

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Family house
(25 m²)
2 places 50 EUR 40 EUR

One living room, two small bedrooms and chemical WC. Furnishings: sofa-beds, dining table, chairs, fridge, microwave oven, SAT-TV, electric heating. Washing facilities separate shower rooms.


3 places      with child 60 EUR 50 EUR
4-5 places
with children
70 EUR 60 EUR
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Holiday house (42 m²)

Chider beds       15 EUR/child

2 places 80 EUR

70 EUR

The cottage has a large living room, spacious kitchen and two bedrooms, shower and WC. Furnishings: dining table, chairs, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, fridge, electric-stove, dishmachine, radio and Sat-TV. Air conditioning chlimate


3 places
110 EUR 100 EUR
4 places
140 EUR 130 EUR
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Suite in windmill (weekdays,        if possible) Apartment


2 places and childer. The first and the second floor of the windmill (110 m²) Private usage

140 EUR         (without catering)

Breakfast 7 EUR/pers

Romantic package including dinner and breakfast
170 EUR

120 EUR            (without catering)

Breakfast 7 EUR/peron

Romantic package including dinner and breakfast
170 EUR

Great gift for your companion and yourself to spend a day and night in windmill with many com forts. Windmill is five storeys. The second floor is a large suite, fireplace and shower and toilet. The first floor has a spacious kitchen, dining room, sauna, relaxation room, shower, WC. Furnishings; dining table, chairs, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, fridge, electricstove, dishmachine, music center, Sat-TV. AIR conditioning chlimate
+ extra bed 15 EUR/child 15 EUR/child

+ cradle for baby

15 EUR/child 15 EUR/child
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